Affordable Acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado

Our Mission and Purpose

Lakewood Community Acupuncture is a non-profit holistic clinic offering high quality, affordable acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado while empowering its community to live healthy lives. We wish to improve the quality of life in our community by providing relief from the pain, discomfort, stress, isolation and financial burden of acute and chronic illness through affordable and accessible community acupuncture and other holistic modalities.

In addition, Lakewood Community Acupuncture strives to bridge the gap between different healthcare modalities, paving the way for a truly integrative health care system and improve public access to holistic healthcare by offering classes, seminars and consultations to share our collective knowledge and to educate and motivate people to play an active role in their overall health.

How is Our Organization Charitable?

Because of the unique practice model and non profit status, Lakewood Community Acupuncture is able to provide affordable acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado at approximately ⅓ the cost of private acupuncture in our area. This lower cost makes our services accessible to a broader population in our community allowing people of most incomes to enjoy the therapeutic, preventive, and palliative benefits of acupuncture. In addition, as part of our commitment to affordable and accessible healthcare, all of our herbal medicine and nutritional supplement products are sold at 25% reduced resale cost or more. We also offer the first Nutrition for Heart and Body Appointment, featuring the Heart Sound Recorder, as a free gift from us to you, as a tool for optimal health and well-being.

We do not require or ask for any proof of income to receive our low cost services, but offer the same service to any person regardless of sex, race, color, income, national origin, age, ability or disability, marital status, gender, familial situation, religion, size and shape, sexual orientation, veterans status, political beliefs or any differences of any kind. When available, in addition to our low cost model, we will offer free or additionally reduced cost of care as outlined by our Financial Assistance Charity Care Policy.

Practitioners & Founders

Delighted to provide effective, affordable acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood Community Acupuncture | Crystal Jancovic | Affordable Acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado

Crystal Jancovic, L.Ac, LMT

Practitioner & Co-founder

Licensed Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist


  • 4 year Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California.
  • Associates Degree in Massage Therapy
  • Associates Degree in Science.
  • Professional bodywork/massage therapy work since 2004
  • Worked in community acupuncture clinics since 2015
  • 3,000 plus hours of didactic and clinical work at Five Branches University
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine clinical internship
    • Five Element acupuncture clinical internship
    • Tuina massage clinical internship
    • Acupuncture externship at a mental health clinic in Santa Cruz
    • Acupuncture externship with the United States Veterans
    • Clinical externship at Planned Parenthood with Dr. Jennifer Hastings, M.D. specializing in transgender health care
    • Externship in Hangzhou, China through Zhejiang Medical University.
  • Licensed Acupuncturist of Colorado (DORA License #ACU.0002104)
  • Licensed Acupuncturist of California (AC15050-inactive status)
  • NCCAOM certified (License # 152318)
  • Certified Massage Therapist in California (CAMTC 41229)
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado (DORA License #MT.0019735)
  • First aid and CPR certified through American Heart Association
  • Active Member/Volunteer for Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps

Lakewood Community Acupuncture | Jamie Holland | Affordable Acupuncture in Lakewood, Colorado

Jamie Holland, L.Ac., ACN

Practitioner & Co-founder

Licensed Acupuncturist & Applied Clinical Nutritionist