Purification Programs

purification programs | Lakewood Community Acupuncture Our cleansing and detoxification systems consists of a 21-day and 10-day purification programs using Standard Process products, whole food eating and light exercise.

21 Day Purification and Healthy Weight Program:  Our most comprehensive purification program with benefits that often include: improved weight management, increased energy and vitality, improved digestion, clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep, clearer thinking, better natural toxic load management. Learn more…

10 Day Healthy Response to Inflammation Program: The 10-Day Healthy Inflammation Response Program will suit people who may experience minor aches, joint stiffness, or swelling after exercise. Use this program to support a well-functioning healthy inflammation response and create a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Learn more…

10 Day Blood Sugar Support Program: The 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program will suit people who have concerns about their diet, sleep habits, and energy levels, as well as those who may also have strong cravings for sugar and processed carbohydrates.

10 Day Healthy Gut Flora Program: The 10-Day Healthy Gut Flora Program is designed to effect positive change in gut flora, benefiting those who have chronic or acute digestive issues that are focused in the lower digestive track.

Cost for our Purification Programs

prices include supplement cost