Tuina Bodywork Therapy

Tuina bodywork therapy | Lakewood Community Acupuncture in Lakewood ColoradoHow Can Tuina Bodywork Therapy Help Me?

Tuina bodywork is a very effective and time honored bodywork (therapeutic massage) modality that is effective for all types of pain, both chronic and acute, and is beneficial for those with sports injuries, arthritis, repetitive use injuries, car accident recovery, scoliosis, fibromyalgia and so much more! Tuina can often benefit digestion and sooth menstrual cramping, as well as be a relaxing and enjoyable treatment for all types of stress and anxiety. Tuina is therapeutic in nature, affecting change within the musculoskeletal system while at the same time working to balance the body.

What is Tuina Bodywork?

Tuina Bodywork Therapy is a traditional Chinese bodywork modality that is it’s own unique bodywork system dating back thousands of years, from which many modern massage and chiropractic techniques stem from. Despite some similarities to western massage, the intent of Tuina Bodywork Therapy is more specifically therapeutic and incorporates theories and diagnosis techniques found in Chinese medicine in conjunction with modern anatomy and physiology. Occasionally, liniments and oils are used to increase blood circulation and healing, as well as other therapies like cupping and guasha.

Tuina tends to be a vigorous, deep tissue therapeutic bodywork and a patient usually only needs 20 minute sessions at a time to find significant benefit. Techniques include: gliding (effleurage), kneading (petrissage), percussion (tapotement), friction, pulling, rotation, rocking, vibration, rolling and shaking. These techniques are performed while the patient is fully clothed and/or covered by a sheet.

Cost for Tuina Bodywork Therapy:

  • 20 minute sessions: $35
  • Add on to acupuncture session: +$20